Our Services

Courier Service

Local Courier Service

Falla Logistics provides local courier service for the pick up and delivery of your time sensitive packages. You are contracting us as your logistical provider to get your shipments to their destination safely and on time. Hot Shot Delivery has a team of Courier Service agents that are professional and ready to help you meet your deadlines.

Nationwide Courier Service

Falla Logistics provides same day delivery across the US. Whether your package is small or large, going .51 miles or 5000 miles, we can handle your transportation needs. Within city and city-to-city services are available and only a few clicks away.

Scheduled Delivery

With Falla Logistics scheduled delivery service, our customers get daily pick-ups for their many types of repetitive deliveries. Whether it’s bank deposits or a palletized shipment, daily milk run sweeps, interoffice deliveries or more, Hot Shot is ready to provide you with service when you need us.


Freight / Trucking

Flash/Expedited Delivery

Don’t let a missing component stop you from doing business. Falla delivers anything, anyplace and anytime – FAST! 24/7, all 365 days of the year. Falla Logistics has a 24 hour on-call phone service. Hot Shot will get your package delivered as fast as possible and get you back to business. Use Falla Logistics’s Flash Delivery services to get your business back on track.


By working with shippers across the US, Falla Logistics can easily manage day to day or same day delivery of pallets, skids, truckloads and more. With low rates and freight shipping specialists on hand, Falla Logistics can handle all of your freight requirements.


Fleet of 53 foot tractor-trailers and 24 foot dock high trucks

We can leave one of our trailers at your dock for you to load at your convenience, or we can make a live-load pickup whenever you want.

Falla Logistics is licensed to carry freight anywhere in the 48 contiguous states. Hot Shot Delivery has equipment-on-demand that is on call when you need it.

  • 53′ and 24′ Straights support both “on-call” and scheduled deliveries
  • Drop and hook service
  • GPS tags on all trailers
    Asset-based and owner-operators
  • Long hauls
  • Airport sweeps

Warehouse Services

Warehouse Services

Falla Logistics has dock level warehousing with racking systems. Timing is everything and sometimes your cargo is in one place and it may be hours or days before its scheduled delivery date. No problem, Falla Logistics has warehousing to keep your materials till you need them delivered.

Car shipping service

Wherever specimen integrity must be continuously protected, Falla Logistics is qualified and ready to provide timely deliveries to testing facilities. Hot Shot meets the same-day demands of the Medical and Health Care industry. Hot Shot Delivery will provide people to meet or exceed industry standards.